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Live Jazz Booking is a Germany based booking company (Hamburg), which primarily covers bookings for Germany, Denmark and Norway, and in some cases also Europe and Scandinavia. The aim is to share high quality music and introduce it to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The company serves both the artists as well as the presenters in facilitating successful music events and future artistic grows. The artists working with Live Jazz Booking are touring internationally, have achieved national and international recognition, have gained great press acknowledgments and extensive airplay of their recordings.

Live Jazz Booking is organized under the principle of supporting individual artists and encouraging communication within the jazz community to further develop a platform for jazz music to flourish.

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Tommy Høeg

Director | Agent | Artistic director | PR Manager | Graphic Designer |  Live Recording | Musician

The director, Tommy Høeg, is a Danish music promoter, agent and manager, who lives in Hamburg (Germany). Apart from Live Jazz Booking, he promotes and organizes Ribe Jazz Festival (DK) and is the artistic director of the annual program of Jazzin´ Ribe (DK), presenting international artists in Denmark. Furthermore, he is a jazz musician (guitar) and has been touring internationally, gaining a large network of musicians and agencies. 

  • Owner, Manager, Agent & PR - Live Jazzbooking 

  • PR & Graphic Design - Azimuth Promotion

  • Promoter and Artistic Director - Jazzin´ Ribe

  • Promoter & Artistic Director - Ribe Jazzfestival

  • Board member and PR Manager - Jazz Federation Hamburg

  • As Musician - Guitarist of "Dressed In Tunes", Maria Emig / Tommy Høeg Duo, Tommy Høeg Quartet, Jazz & Yoga & other projects in Germany and Denmark. Jazz Projects in Germany with various musicians. 

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